August 26, 2014

Top Five School Dance Scenes

For most of us, school dances were a memorable part of our young existence. Everything about the entire experience was quite uncomfortable. A room filled with mid-pubescent teens who weren't comfortable in their own skin, dancing to a lingering 80's hit or attempting to make out during Stairway before you got in your friends parents car and went home. The awkward school dance scenes are a constantly used theme in Hollywood. A lot of these scenes would carry some weight, with a lot riding on it. Maybe it was the moment where the guy finally got the girl. Maybe it was when someone finally got their big moment in the spotlight. For some it was the peak of their lifetime, the happiest moment they've ever experienced. Just like in real life, the moments pass by quickly but leave some lasting memories.

5. Caveman dance - Encino Man (1992)
The memorable choreographed caveman dance scene is so 90's it hurts. In a good way.

4. Johnny B. Goode - Back to the Future (1985)
The iconic scene where their minds couldn't even handle Johnny B. Goode yet.

3. Strange Magic / Come Sail Away- The Virgin Suicides (1999)
Such a beautiful blend of music and visual elements. A really pivotal point in an underrated film.

2. Dance competition - Grease (1978)
Even if you aren't a fan of this film, or musicals for that matter, it's a high school dance scene that is undeniably impressive. So many moving parts. So much going on.

1. The bloody prank - Carrie (1976)
The unforgettable scene where all of the pretty paper flowers become incinerated in a matter of minutes.

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