August 20, 2014

The Internship

Shawn Levy, 2013
Somewhere in a movie studio office there is a giant wheel. It resembles the luminous assembly featured on daytime Game Show The Price is Right. Except this one is a Vince Vaughn / Owen Wilson movie wheel. When studio heads are looking for a quick comedy piece to churn out, they spin it and they are forced to green-light whatever premise it lands on.

It's already been used to conjure up a movie about two guys who crash weddings to score with women. Another time it was used to do a modern remake of Starsky and Hutch. Then there was that time it was used to make that movie about the two being a part of a neighborhood watch team (The Watch). This time the wheel was spun and it landed on two guys get fired from  job and get hired as Google interns. Given their on and off history together and compared to some of the bad-on-paper ideas that have been thrown out there this one actually doesn't seem too bad. That is until the movie starts rolling. The end-result applies some of the manipulative tendencies of a bad Adam Sandler film. Was that redundant? But in a way it's the best Adam Sandler movie he didn't make. Like a dumbed-down Social Network, it attempts to run on the fumes of the Vaughn / Wilson dynamic, even though there can't be much left in the tank. At least you get to see quite a bit of the beautiful Rose Byrne.

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