June 4, 2014

Top Five Films That Take Place in a Day

Some films take place in a single day, and it actually feels quite evident (12 Angry Men, Clerks). It’s doesn’t necessarily indicate a negative aspect of it by any means. Nothing wrong with a simple story if it works. But there’s also others, ones that are able to develop rich characters in a short period of time, or are just simply loaded with action (Die Hard, Cloverfield, From Dusk till Dawn), or others that take you on an emotional journey. But ultimately there’s those precious few that make such a lasting impact that the the single-day story is just cemented in our minds.

5. Before Midnight (2013)
Linklater’s previous two Before films could have easily made the list, but the third really takes it to a different level. While the first two have a more budding innocence powering them, the third is charged with unfiltered honesty and a comfortable lack of restraint. The final act feels so real that it’s haunting to the married couples viewing it.

4. Dazed and Confused (1993)
Another Linklater film to make the list. Dazed captures the uncomplicated freedom of one’s youth during the high school years. Where minor conflicts feel so big, and little do you realize how small they will actually be when you grow older.

3. Training Day (2001)
Not only a single day film but rookie cops first day on the violent, unforgiving streets of Los Angeles. And hey, what do you know? Two Ethan Hawke films make the top five. Weird.

2. Magnolia (1999)
Magnolia packs an emotional punch and of course, some unforgettable imagery. It’s largely performance-driven from Tom Cruise’s incredible supporting role to Julianne Moore’s manic meltdown. Probably has the most developed characters of all of the films on the list, big surprise (*sarcasm) coming from the extraordinary Anderson.  

1. Groundhog Day (1993)
The ultimate (many, many, many) single day picture. What is left to say about this film? It’s a beloved American classic, easily one of the best films ever made. Certainly not the last time it will appear on a top five list. Ned Ryerson? BING!

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