June 14, 2014

Top Five Car Crash Scenes

There is something about the car crash scene that touches you on a visceral level. Perhaps its because you've been in a car accident yourself. It's very common. Over 30,000 people die from car accidents every year. It's also the leading cause of death for healthy Americans traveling abroad. But there is something particularly terrifying about it. The suddenness of it. Going from silence to the abrupt sound of crushing metal and shattered glass flying through the air. When/if you come out of it in one piece, you feel like you were spared by some universal force. Anyone who has experienced a major accident can describe that feeling where it almost feels like time slowed down for those few seconds. And if it doesn't result in a positive outcome for someone you care for, you blame the universe for stripping that person from your life. Almost as if they were just suddenly pulled from existence, with one loud smash. In just a few seconds, everything in your life can change. Car crash scenes are one of those elements in movies that are quite accurately simulated. Those particular scenes create some lasting images that haunt us for years after. If Jaws made us afraid to swim, some of these scenes made us afraid to drive.

5. Disturbia
Falls into the category of SUDDEN. Quite tragic actually. The modern nod to Hitchcock's Rear Window is not an awful film either. Not great, but not awful.

4. Vanilla Sky
Such a powerful scene in a tragically underrated film. Sets a certain course for the rest of the film.

3. Enter the Void
One of those really surprising scenes in a raw, at times disturbing film by the controversial auteur Gaspar Noe.

2. Adaptation
In the same category as the #3 pick in terms of being a really surprising scene that really comes out of nowhere and really jolts the great Spike Jonze film. Certainly puts things in a different perspective.

1. Final Destination 2
A completely ridiculous, unrealistic, off-the-wall scene in a mediocre film. On a lot of people's guilty pleasures list. But it's so well orchestrated and shocking, and it's at the BEGINNING of the film. The first scene, really.

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