May 27, 2014

Enlightened (Season 2)

Mike White & Laura Dern, 2013
Season two of Enlightened marks the continuation of Amy's personal saga but also the inevitable end of the great but doomed series. Perhaps it's just too out there for the masses. Perhaps it's too personal. Perhaps it's too identifiable. There must be something to the identifiable thought, because we all know someone who is somewhat like Amy. That pseudo-hippie, enviro-preachy wacko. We recognized those features in the first season.

Season two is Amy's chance to seek vengeance. Payback. Sticking it to the man. The series itself is largely a character study on Amy. When looking for an arch for her character you realize how nuanced Amy really is. She's still licking her wounds. She has been able to move on to a certain extent from some of the more toxic elements of her past. But there is certainly still a ticking time bomb notion. Her daily life at Abaddonn is truly moment to moment. It's a miracle that she was even hired back again to begin with. She can't just disappear into depths of the fluorescent sub-levels of the commercial high rise. She can't be a complacent employee. And she also cant do it alone. When things finally do get to a boiling point toward the end of the season, Amy finally looks in herself. Probably more than she ever has. Realizes that maybe she finally had taken it too far, or maybe she should let things play out before she acts on impulses. While the camera focused on some of the peripheral forces in Amy's life last season, it continues to do so. Series creator Mike White's Tyler character is able to come out of the dark a bit more, even finding some much-due romance in his personal life. Farewell, Enlightened. It can join the likes of Deadwood and Carnivale of HBO series that were prematurely ended. That being said, it will be interesting to see what the creative, thoughtful Mike White has for us next. 

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