October 3, 2013

Louis C.K.: Oh My God

Louis C.K., 2013

Louis C.K. is funny. It's been long overdue that the world comes to realize this, and maybe they finally have. He has a popular television series on FX that garners favorable ratings. He is getting cast in mainstream full feature films (Blue Jasmine, American Hustle). He's at the peak of his career, and we are all lucky to get the opportunity to see it. Our grandchildren will be envious of the fact that we were around to see him at his best. The closest comparison to Louie could be drawn to the late George Carlin. And understandably, because C.K. adored him, even had the honor of eulogizing him on stage (tearfully). Carlin examined the simple things in life, and dissected them to the point where there was nothing more to draw on.

What's different about this special than some of his others is there is a surprising sense of evolved confidence and comfort coming from Louie. Not that he's ever timid on stage, but there's something different going on. He crosses subjects that he may have crossed before, but at different angles. The horrible things we say while driving, and the odd sense of confidence we have yelling at our fellow man. Filming kids at school plays with our phones, while they are literally 10 feet in front of us. Examining slavery, and how it created some of the wonders of the world. And of course, boobs.

Louis always has his themes. Animals, sex, the human body, the horrible things that we do as humans, the horrible things that he may do AS a human. It's always going to be dark. It's going to have its irony. It may at times just come off as pure existential truth. It's amazing that he's still able to keep it fresh. And savor what you hear, because its not going to be there a year from now. He's going to discard the bits that absolutely killed on stage and start with nothing. And that must be the most rewarding part of his life at this point. Building it up, taking it down, starting over, and repeating over and over again while the crowds continue to come.

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