May 7, 2013

John Dies at the End

Don Coscarelli, 2012

          Dave encounters a new street drug called "soy sauce" that has some pretty powerful effects. It seems to be taking the neighborhood by storm, bringing on multi-dimensional consequences.
          This is unlike any film I've ever seen. In an attempt to draw some kind of comparison, I'll say if Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Limitless had a baby it would be John Dies at the End. Sort of like if Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World smoked salvia laced with PCP. This film starts off with silly bloodsplatter in the same vein as Zombieland but soon dives deeper into some elaborate visual effects coupled with a demonically trippy story-line. You really won't know what you're in for. I didn't. Erratic quick cutting, good acting (Paul Giamatti providing some veteran acting to the film), impressive visuals, and even some stop motion that is reminiscent of early Tim Burton. There's hints of Beetlejuice for sure. You'll need a moment after watching this to collect your thoughts.

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