April 3, 2013

The Walking Dead (Season 3)

Frank Darabont, 2013

Season 3 is a consistent continuation of the series. Predictable levels of gore, bleak camera filters, augmented audio effects, and slow pacing that at times feels sluggish. The living conditions are more turbulent compared to the comforts of everyone living at Herschel's Farm. All of this season is set at the Prison that they had discovered at the end of last season, but those living quarters are threatened by not only the outside survivors, but the walker's living within the prison walls. It's probably the most well-crafted season so far, but unfortunately with head show-runner Glen Mazzara now gone I have doubts about future seasons. Word is that Mazzara's shoes will be hard to fill, and that he was quite the presence on set.

I am convinced that because the pacing on The Walking Dead is so restrained, I don't believe the show is best viewed on a weekly basis. It may be best served in large sessions, where you watch 3 or 4 episodes at a time or the entire series at once (if you can). I may try doing this next year. I find its a series where its particularly difficult to judge each episode individually. If you're able to step back, look at the big picture and judge it based on character development, story-line & plot twists, and visual aesthetics, you can see how brilliant the series really is.

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