April 18, 2013

Side By Side

Christopher Kenneally, 2012

          Keanu Reeves has a narrative and interviewing role in this documentary which examines both the qualities and deficiencies of film and digital-based film-making  With interviews with many mainstream directors (Martin Scorcese, David Fincher, James Cameron, George Lucas, and more) you really get an objective exchange. This film is going to entice any film enthusiast. You are treated with well produced archival footage, organized analysis, and thorough examination. Personally, I am a purist when it comes to film-making. While I enjoy many of the films that have been shot digitally, I continue to hold film in high regard when it comes to authenticity and overall feel. The fact that so many great modern films continue to be shot in photo-chemical format only shows that the loyalty still exists. I was particularly impressed by the concept of film itself being a viable backup solution because of hard-drives questionable shelf-life. While I agree with many of the subjects in the film in that eventually film is going to fade away, that time is clearly not now. We're not quite there yet. We obviously will be, nobody can deny that - but for now, there's room for both. I really enjoyed Reeves interviewing style, he comes off as unbiased and friendly, and while he may be mono-tonal at times, he feels interested and passionate about the subject matter. I really appreciated how the film really dissects the various technology that is available in today's market. I came out of the film mirroring Chris Nolan's purist mentality while also appreciating Cameron's passion for technological innovation.

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