March 9, 2013

The Fourth Kind

Olatunde Osunsanmi, 2009


          Alaskan psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovavich) is alarmed when several of her patients are experiencing similar memories that seem like alien abductions. She uses her skills hypnosis to try and tap into the root of these memories in an attempt to provide treatment.
          A poor script, bad acting and forced fake archival footage ruin this film. The premise of alien abduction victims seeking therapy is actually not a horrible one. You get your hopes up when you see that Jovavich is in it, who has really provided some great performances (The Fifth Element) in the Sci-Fi genre in the past. Unfortunately this wasn't one of her best roles. If Aliens HAD landed in Nome, Alaska I wish they would have taken this footage with them as well. The constant overlay of fake archival footage is distracting and takes you out of the moment. You will have neck pain from constantly having to shift your focus left and right at the "archival footage" and the Actor recreating the moment from the opposite side of the split-screen. They should have just relied on good acting because the film was very obviously fictional from the beginning. The disclaimer at the beginning by Milla Jovavich, warning you of the disturbing images you are about to see, will make your eyes roll. Such weak writing when the sheriff tells her she is under arrest after a traumatic event during one of the therapy sessions. What exactly, officer, was she being charged with? There is a long build-up during the length of the film but it falls flat at the end and is dull throughout the whole process. There is nobody to get behind. 
          The only positive of this film was the periodic images of the Alaskan landscape, which provided a marginal aesthetic. But this film could have very well been filmed in Colorado. Apparently Universal tried to hype the film up by releasing fake newspapers prior the release. You really shouldn't have to try that hard. 


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