February 27, 2013

Top 5 Oscar Winners That Should Have Been Losers

This is the first year of the blog and I procrastinated on posting my Oscar picks. What I am going to do instead is post my list of the Top 5 Oscar Winners That Should Have Been Losers. Its going to be controversial. Some people may believe that there are NEVER any mistakes with the Best Picture Winner. I disagree. I also think that there is a Weinstein Conspiracy (using their influence to impact Academy's voting decisions) to the Academy Awards. There, I said it. I will admit there was nothing better at this years awards than seeing Spielberg's face after he got shot down for Best Picture for Lincoln. Okay, without further ado.

5. (2003)

Winner: Chicago

What Should Have Won: Gangs of New York

America loves its Musicals. Chicago won a year after Moulin Rouge achieved success. I blame it on Bin Laden. Scorcese had been working on Gangs of New York since 1978. Yes, it has its flaws (Cameron Diaz), but it was still the best film of 2003.

4. (2012)

Winner: The Artist 

What Should Have Won: Moneyball

Alright, so I loved The Artist. It was a palette cleanser from the copious amount of garbage that comes out of Hollywood. It was a throwback to the silent film era and the acting was perfect, the cinematography was amazing. But its grossly over-rated. Moneyball had a better story, better cinematography and acting. Aaron Sorkin is the best screenwriter in Hollywood.

3. (1980)

Winner: Kramer vs. Kramer

What Should Have Won: Apocalypse Now

Its Apocalypse Now. Come on. The Documentary (Hearts of Darkness) about the MAKING of this film should have won an Oscar.

2. (1999)

Winner: Shakespeare in Love

What Should Have Won: Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is one of the war films that sticks with you. It's one of the best War movies of ALL TIME. In my opinion, Tom Hank's second best performance of his career (Forrest Gump #1). The sniper scene will always stick with me. It was groundbreaking. Without Private Ryan, Band of Brothers wouldn't exist. Saving Private Ryan is #37 on IMDB's Top 250. Shakespeare in Love isn't even on the list. I think I've said enough.

1. (1991)

Winner: Dances with Wolves

What Should Have Won: GOODFELLAS

This is the worst mistake in the history of the Oscars. Goodfellas is timeless, its Scorcese's best Picture. The Academy felt guilty for this oversight, and that is why Scorcese finally won his Oscar in 2006 for The Departed. If this film is on cable (and it always is), I have to stop what I am doing and sit down and watch it. It's Ray Liotta's best film. Scarface is one of the most OVER-RATED films of all time. Goodfellas receives the same amount of hype, but deserves all of it. Hollywood was in love with Costner in the 1990's. He has had some good films, but this isn't one of his best. This a Hollywood big liberal cop-out: "now we can feel good about nominating the native-american epic".

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