February 10, 2013

Party Monster

Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato, 2003


Party Monster is not a good film. I feel bad just coming out and saying that, because there are some REALLY great shots in this film (ie. Church party with Angel, Rat on the couch) that make me want more from these directors. But that's about all there is. Seth Green is distractedly bad, early on, in the film - although he did settle in as the film went on. Macaulay Culkin gave it his best, but in the end even he seemed like he was trying too hard. This film is supposed to be an accurate portrayal of the club scene in New York City in the early 90's. The one asp[ect that seemed to be authentic was how annoying the club kids actually were. The highs will consist of blacklit, neon visuals and the thump of house music but you will be left with a long come-down that is messy, scattered, and rambling.

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