February 9, 2013

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

David Gelb, 2011


I tried and can't come up with any justification for not calling this a perfect documentary. Beautiful images of sushi that will make you crave it as you watch. You could have easily convinced me to hand over the $300 for one of Jiro's masterpiece 15 piece meals. Jiro is a man who lives to work, not works to live. He has spent his entire life perfecting his sushi craft. He is a man who is so committed to mastering his skill he rarely takes a day off and at 85, has absolutely no plans to retire. The end-result is a one month backlog of customers who cannot wait to have Jiro coldly stare at them from the other side of the bar while they indulge in whats likely the best sushi in the world. The classical music that constantly played in the background so perfectly augmented the Japanese landscape.

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