January 17, 2013

Top 5 Zombie Films Of All Time

5. Dead Snow
(Tommy Wirkola, 2009)

How can you not love a film about Nazi zombies?  Its a Norwegian film shot on a budget of $800K. The opening scene of the movie is shot in a car with a group of medical students on their way to a Ski weekend in a remote cabin. The mountainous winter landscape is beautiful in the beginning of the film and maintains that same scenic beauty throughout - contrasted by gory, blood drenched snow.

4.Shaun of the Dead
(Edgar Wright, 2008)

The best "Zomedy" film made to date. I can't imagine ANYONE other than Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as the leads. They are so perfect as the oblivious buddies who have no idea whats going on around them. Like 28 Days Later, the film is entirely based in London. Funny throughout the entire film.

3. Dawn of the Dead
(George Romero, 1978)

Its probably considered a more complete, entertaining film than Night of the Living Dead but definitely not as iconic. Either way, very entertaining. Sure, its campy - and the makeup on the zombies leaves something to be desired - but I found myself living vicariously through the main characters. I found the beginning of this film to be somewhat confusing and diluted, but it picks up soon after and maintains that momentum through the rest of the film. I think a lot of people have had that childish fantasy of being able to live in a mall, grocery store, etc. and having it to yourself. You see that acted out in this film, with the conflict being that you never know how safe you really are. You have to be aware of the slow moving zombies and the bandits trying to inhabit your location.

2. 28 Days Later
 (Danny Boyle, 2002)

I have probably seen this film close to ten times by now. Danny Boyle provided so much realism that it really gives you a sense of how things would be if a global pandemic hit and turned everyone into rage fueled zombies. Some people say that this film is not a zombie film because 1) the zombies run and 2) because its a "rage" virus that makes them violent but not necessarily flesh eaters. I discount both claims and say that it reinvents the existing zombie genre and takes a more realistic approach. I have NO problem with zombies running. Cillian Murphy is great in the lead. The sequel "28 Weeks Later" is also pretty good, although not directed by Boyle (Boyle produced the film though). Danny Boyle apparently has a preliminary plot laid out for a "28 Months Later" that I would love to materialize within the next few years.

1. Night of the Living Dead
(George Romero, 1968)

This is the film that started it all. While some may consider it too campy and outdated... it HAS to be on the top of the list.This is the film that created the zombie genre without actually ever mentioning the word "zombies". Made on a budget of $115,000, the film has now grossed $30,000,000 worldwide. Because the film was shot in B&W, it gave Romero the liberty to use Chocolate syrup for fake blood. It was originally supposed to be a horror comedy, and ultimately became a highly influential film with ambitious, societal statements.

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