January 28, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook

David O. Russell, 2012


David O. Russell has really refined his craft, especially from a pacing standpoint which in this film was so evident. Frantic and gradually calming, there is a great parallel to the progression of Bradley Cooper's character Pat's medication taking hold. There is a scene where Pat is having a manic episode. In the background is the very fitting "What Is and What Should Never Be" by Led Zeppelin and the scene is shot in a claustrophobic attic with a lot of close angle & shaky-cam that really added to the tension. By the final act I was literally on the edge of my seat - laughing to myself that I was actually looking forward to a dance scene. It was refreshing to see Chris Tucker again, and his character provided some levity in the already mildly comedic moments. Silver Linings cuts raw, and feels real.

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  1. Couple of comments on this movie... Everytime I saw Chris Tucker I chuckled to myself, without him even saying a word. When the movie first came out I never thought I'd get around to see it, I didn't have any real interest. I then heard from EVERYONE that it was a good movie. When I watched it my hopes were really high, and it never disappointed.