January 31, 2013

Life of Pi

Ang Lee, 2012


I am not a fan of all of Ang Lee’s films, but this one certainly made an impact on me. According to Film Critic & "Film Vault" host Anderson Cowan - the three challenges Directors try to avoid is shooting scenes with Water, Child Actors, and Animals. While “Life of Pi” may have been aided by quite a bit of CGI, he really succeeded using those three elements in this film. Alluring/bright visualizations (at times very Avatar-like) with a gripping, compelling storyline. Shiraj Sharma is convincing as an innocent and compassionate Pi Patel. I felt like I was right there with Pi in the storm, and was happy to feel like I was there on the life raft afterwards.


  1. May have been a bit sloppy in terms of writing, but the visuals are breathtaking and something that will definitely have your eyes advert on the screen the whole time. Good review Robbie.

    1. Thanks Dan! I definitely was raising my eyebrow a bit during certain parts but i like heavily stylized films like this. I'm going to be watching it again soon I think.