January 29, 2013

Homeland (Season 1)

Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa, 2011


Homeland is one of those series that is so unique and fast-paced that each episode flies by at a rapid pace. It leaves you wondering if you actually took it ALL in, possibly missing something with it being so rich in storyline. Claire Danes is amazing in her role as Carrie Mathison: a bipolar workaholic, who stops at nothing to get to the next stage of an investigation. Of course the show will draw comparisons to 24 with it being a political thriller and all but it is much more realistic, and certainly has more depth. You’re going to have trouble sleeping after watching the frantic pursuit of the “bad guy” through the picturesque, lush streets of Washington. The end of every episode will leave you feeling suspicious and quite possibly, sympathizing with the enemy.

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